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Legal Document

Legal document cambodia

Legal Document – We provide the service consult and process the legal document like National ID, Family book, other documents. Feel free to contact us – We look to serving you: Call: +855 (0) 23 218 045 / +855 (0)…

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loan real estate cambodia

Loan Basic Terms and Conditions Sample Terms and Conditions kindly supplied by Angkor Capital Bank Angkor Capital Bank specializes in real estate secured bridge loans, which are used by both businesses and individuals to meet current obligations by providing immediate…

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Valuations Real Estate

Valuations A Definition of Valuation: “Valuations real estate is a process of estimation of the most probable price which would be paid for a property under typical market conditions applying at the date of valuation…” “The value of a property…

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Property Management

property management

Property Management, Managing property is our profession. We understand the property and the client’s basic need, so whenever you need expert to solve your property problem, we are here to serve you the best.

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Real Estate Agency Sell Rent Lease

Real Estate Agency Sell Rent Lease, We bring clients best of the best properties beyond their expectations. Cambodia Property Team are fully equipped with skills to satisfy clients, then verify the transaction from A to Z responsibly.

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Consultancy, Experience makes us different. After many years of practicing in this field, we are trusted by many individual clients and groups of investor that we do have more than enough specialty and talent to be consulted with.

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