10$/m2 Fruit Farm For sale in Sihanoukville

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Property ID : RT01607

For Sale $10 - Land
107 hectare
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Scenic 107 hectare fruit plantation hard titled property located near Bokor Mountain range.
This turnkey farm operation is for anyone interested in owning a farm or wanting to develop a residential community housing project in the future.

Key features include a natural waterway with 7 reservoirs, 7 deep water wells, electric power lines, emergency generator, equipment ware house, 200 pigs fattening house and feed warehouse as well as two 40 foot container homes with 2 rooms/ 1 bath each and one 20 foot office/bath container.

The farm Holds:
80,000 hybrid acacia trees 82 lemon
51,000 pineapple, 45 black pepper
5000 Cavendish banana 100 jack fruit
2,000 coconut 4100 lemon grass
768 lime 40 deem
677 white guava 500 teak
600 orange 300 rosewood
1500 area nut 400 Logan
500 ambulant 190 avocado
114 litchi
Selling Price: 10$ (The price available until April 2019)
Land Size:107 hectare
Area: Sihanoukville

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